Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor Camera 3.5" LCD 2 Way Audio Talk Night

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3.5 inch Baby Monitor 2.4GHz Video LCD Digital Camera Night Vision Temperature Monitoring Monitors Features : - 2.4G wireless digital signal transmission, more than 250 frequency hopping, free from WIFI interference. - Digital signal encryption transmission, good security. - 3.5" HD LCD screen, the image display is clearer. - Unobstructed transmission distance up to 200 meters, partition wall distance of 30 meters. - The camera and monitor have built-in batteries for more than 2H. - Built-in baby sleeping lullaby, can be controlled by the screen control camera. Built-in microphone in camera and speaker in receiver, two-way talking between mom and baby. - Monitor with temperature display, Celsius and Fahrenheit switching. - Baby monitor with two-way intercom function. Automatically turn on/off the screen according to the volume from the baby Voice detection from sound lights. Dynamically select clean channels to avoid interference from other 2.4GHz devices. Night vision up to 5m effective range. Also temperature detection, so you can supervise and keep baby in a cozy and healthy environment.

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